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The disparities that impact the health and wellness of minority communities are well documented  African Americans, Non-White Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Native Americans all have unique health-related factors that predispose them to different disease outcomes.  Despite tremendous organizational efforts, marked health disparities continue to exist.  In part, this is related to a complex interplay between environmental and behavioral factors, socioeconomic conditions, cultural factors, and poor access to quality care.
Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc is a non-profit organization focused on addressing health and healthcare disparities in racial and ethnic minority communities.EHP was founded by Dr. David Scott and Meta J.Mereday in 2006.  Dr. Scott is a Kidney Specialist who has directed a clinical research practice for several years (www.clinicalresearchdevelopment.org).  Meta Mereday is a well respected, award winning writer with several years of experience in healthcare advocacy and community outreach. Ms. Mereday and Dr. Scott envisioned an organization that creates innovative collaborations with community and faith-based organizations to develop effective solutions to improve health outcomes in minority communites.  The name of the organization encompasses the ideals of its founders - empower the community to take control of their health, improve health outcomes, and partnerships with community and faith-based groups.  The creative mix of science and journalism allows for EHP to bring in different resources for collaboration.
Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc has collaborated in a number of community based programs.  Recently EHP launched a compaign initiative to increase awareness of pre-diabetes.  The goals of the program is to decrease the burden of Type 2 diabetes by advocating early screening and identification of pre-diabetic children and adults.  The campaign initiative was known as "Save 41" which spoke for the 41 million Americans estimated to have pre-diabetes.  The number now has increased to 68 million Americans affected with pre-diabetes.  EHP has received funding from Novo Nordisk and other companies and organizations to develop community-based programs to increase awareness of Type 2 diabetes and it related ailments including obesity.
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