Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc - Working Together To Improve Community Health
Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc. (EHP) is focused on a multi-faceted program platform that incorporates a wide range of resources and organizational supports to achieve its goals. These organizational supports include:  educational institutions, community groups, civic organizations, health facilities et al. Together, specialized programs and activities are developed to generate impact and proactive follow through for the program target communities. 
On November 28, 2007, EHP launched its "Save 41" Campaign bringing together civic and community leaders to call attention to the growing diabetes epidemic and the millions of Americans who are pre-disposed to diabetes or "pre-diabetic." Attendees included representatives from the American Diabetes Association - NY Chapter, Top Ladies of Distinction, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, et al.  From this initiative, over 100 community residents were educated and referred to local clinics for testing geared towards early intervention and prevention regarding diabetes.  The ultimate goal of "Save 41" is to focus on saving 41 people at a time to combat this disease.
Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc (EHP) launched the Mark R. Griffith Black Men’s Health Empowerment & Longevity Project (MRG-HELP) in February 2009 to call attention to health conditions negatively impacting African-American males in disproportionate numbers – cardiovascular disease, hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). EHP’s “Save 41” campaign highlighted the diabetes and obesity epidemics that are running rampant in African-American communities with one and five African-American child predisposed to diabetes.  The "Save 41" campaign increased awareness about this life threatening disease and how to prevent the 9 leading killer of African –Americans from taking more lives!
EHP, a 501 (c)(3) not for profit corporation,  is  launching the Mark R. Griffith/Black Men's Health Empowerment & Longevity Project to address the increase in heart disease and hypertension among African-American males and the direct correlation to premature deaths due to heart attacks, strokes,  CKD et al.   Mark R. Griffith, an award-winning broadcast journalist and community advocate died suddenly in December 2008 from cardiac arrest due to a stress-based hypertensive condition. He was 48 years old.
 Here are the facts that are impacting and affecting Black Men and their health:
According to the National Kidney Disease Education Program African-American men ages 20-29 are ten times more likely to develop kidney failure due to high blood pressure than Caucasian men and those 30-39 are 14 times more likely.
According to the Center for Disease Control, cardiovascular disease overall is more prevalent among Black men -- 41 percent, compared with about 34 percent of white men. Also, about 42 percent of Black men have high blood pressure, compared with 31 percent of white men, according to the American Heart Association.
Also, according to the CDC, African-American adults are twice as likely than their Caucasian counterparts to have a stroke and African-American males are 60% more likely to die from a stroke.
MRG-HELP is planning to raise funds to expand its initiatives and launch this much needed project!  With non traditional alliances in the works with community, medical, educational, civic and business organizations, EHP is on track to "empower healthy partnerships" to address health disparities in underserved communities. Currently, EHP has been working with the National Kidney Foundation and the American Diabetes Association to bring attention to the increase in diabetes and kidney disease that weaken the body and increases the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments.
EHP is committed to combating heart disease and the related illnesses that are negatively impacting African-American men.  By stemming the tide today will secure the future tomorrow.
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