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EHP Project Outreach - April 12, 2010
EHP Project Outreach - April 12, 2010
"Lifting A Glass and Raising Cash" -  MRG Black Men's Health Empowerment & Longevity Project (HELP) is launching a campaign to celebrate a life and save a life while striving to combat cardiovascular disease among African American men!
Mark R. Griffith, an award winning journalist, former NABJ Board Member and community advocate, whose life was cut short by a hypertensive heart attack, would have turned 50 years old on April 12, 2010. The organizers of MRG Black Men's HELP want to raise funds and awareness about the disproportionate number of African-American males who fall victim to cardiovascular disease, hypertension and kidney disease.  "Mark's life was one of service and motivation as he helped and encouraged so many people and it is a life to celebrate and a legacy to follow," comments Meta J. Mereday, Organizer of "Lift & Raise".  "With this birthday coming up, we decided this was the best way to recognize the life of my brother and friend."
On April 12th, MRG Black Men's HELP will launch the "Lift and  Raise" campaign to raise $50,000 for a promotional program to increase education and prevention and to collaborate with health-based organizations to better address the problem.  Let's celebrate his legacy and help to save a life!  Take a moment to lift a glass, whether it is champagne or water to celebrate Mark's legacy and send a donation to help educate and protect the Black men in your life!
This initiative will be directed through Empowered Health Partnerships, a not for profit organization established to address health disparities within underserved communities.  Meta is a Co-Founder of EHP and Mark was a member of the Advisory Board.   Make checks payable to: "Empowered Health Partnerships" and put "MRG Black Men's HELP" in the memo section. 
Mail to:
EHP, c/o Dr. David Scott, 134-35 Springfield Blvd, Springfield Gardens, NY 11434 
For more information, contact Meta at takenostuff39@yahoo.com
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